GFMG merging with SRS 10/1/14

June 25, 2014


Dear Valued GFMG Patient,

In keeping with our efforts to provide you with the highest quality care, we, the physicians of Grossmont Family Medical Group, are excited to announce that on October 1, 2014, we will be joining Sharp-Rees-Stealy Medical Group?recently voted highest in patient satisfaction of all San Diego medical groups by a leading consumer publication.  Our office location will remain the same, and we expect the ability to accept our current insurance plans, enabling us to continue to serve your healthcare needs.   We believe that the superior leadership and organization possessed by Sharp-Rees-Stealy will enable us to practice more efficiently in this changing world of medicine and give us better opportunity to focus on that which we feel is most important:  You.

As a patient, you will experience many benefits resulting from this merger, including enhanced customer service and easy access to high-quality specialty care with many specialists residing in our current building.  Additionally, Sharp-Rees-Stealy has convenient laboratory and radiology services, including mammography, on the floor below us.  Once again, you will be able to use the Urgent Care in our building as well as at several other locations around San Diego.  You will be able to access laboratory and other results as well as make appointments, request prescription refills, and communicate with your doctor on-line using My Sharp.  Your care will be documented in a unified electronic healthcare record, encompassing the care you receive from specialists, the hospital, and your primary care physician, enabling enhanced efficiency and communication amongst all who care for you.  These points are but a few highlights in a long list of benefits you will experience with this partnership.  You may access further information online at www.

In the coming weeks, some HMO patients may be contacted by their health insurance plan, notifying them that their primary care physician has been switched to another within Sharp Community Medical Group.  If you are one of these patients, please be aware that this change is NOT mandatory.  You have the right to continue with your current physician should you choose to do so, but you will need to notify your health insurance directly if this is your desire. 

PLEASE CALL your health plan if this is your wish.  Again, Sharp-Rees-Stealy accepts most, if not all, of the insurance plans currently accepted by Grossmont Family Medical Group.  Further information regarding any specific actions you may need to take regarding this transition will be forthcoming by mail and will be available, along with other information regarding our exciting new partnership, on our website:  www. .


The Physicians of Grossmont Family Medical Group


James Amberg, M.D.              Joseph F. Leonard, M.D.     

Bradham Kesling, M.D.          Jieyu Lowery, M.D.                             

 Eva Leonard, M.D.                 Lee Remington-Boone, M.D.